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KinoFlo 4ft x 4 lamps



Eight lamp lighting apparatus Flathead 80 has been designed as a source of unusually mild scattered light, which could be attached to the wall, shooting locations, ie be sufficiently light and compact, and to receive the character of light, as from a large studio unit Image85. At the stage of development the instrument housing 80 Flathead planned to be made of plastic, as in the very popular 4ft x 4Bank device. But as the size of the device turned out big enough to provide the necessary mechanical strength of the housing are made of metal. Nevertheless, the device turned out not heavy. It has a small mass for its size 11.7 kg. High degree of freedom in positioning the Flathead-spherical and has a removable bracket for mounting on a tripod or hanging on the clamp. Flathead-s can be mounted into a solid wall or directly to the scenery. Power supply universallnoe. In developing the instrument is taken into account the fact that a large number of specialists working with the devices already have a Kino Flo ballasts for Four-devices to simplify the set of the company Kino Flo has decided not to develop a new ballast for the device, and use the existing ballast 4Bank.

• Weight 11.7 kg floodlight
• 1295/616/105 mm

• 8 lamps of 40 watt 3200 ° K and 5600 ° K
• Series connection of lamps

• Curtains
• Aluminum Lira
• Frame for filter

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