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LITE Pen x2


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Weight: 200 g (9.6oz)
Power: 0.7 A / 8.4 W 12VD
Size: 130mm x 21mm x 21mm
Power cord: DC: 10-30V, AC Adapter 100-240V
Available in versions daylight (flood and spot), a powerful system gives a soft directional light. This extensive light source is ideal for mounting on the chamber walls or any other place where needed portable soft light.
– Stays cool LED technology
– Creates a soft bright light
– Dimmer 0-100%
– 50,000+ hours of lamp
– High efficiency
– Minimal color change with brightness adjustment
– Completely non-flashing light 5000 ° K or 6000 ° K
– Powered by batteries, the camera or car (10-13 V)
– Power adapter (100-240V)
– Easy
– Attractive design
– Built-in cooler

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