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Gauges and nozzle Dedolight Imager are perfectly matched optical systems, the total light output which is significantly higher compared to other instruments with much greater power consumption.
Imager delivers pure shadow, high rate of resolution and sharpness, as well as unsurpassed contrast between light and shadows, in the absence of chromatic aberrations at the boundaries of light, shadow transitions. For the nozzle there is a large selection of interchangeable lens that lets you play with different sizes and intensity projections, depending on the task, whether it’s a board survey of advertising or a large pavilion shooting.
Interchangeable lenses to the nozzle has a different focal lengths on principles similar to the use of optics in cameras. Lens diameter 60 mm and 85 are good for the projection of large images Rasers. For example, a 85-mm lens provides a projection of 1.3 meters in diameter at a distance of 2 meters. The lens diameter of 185 mm makes a similar projection size (1.3 meters) from a distance of 5 meters. All projection lenses are specially designed for devices Dedolight. All optics are placed in metal frames and withstands a high temperature.

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