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Dedolight 400


Lens cold light source. A device for single-ended metal-halide lamp 400W with an unbeatable range of focus and incomparable quality of light. Can operate in the same 575W lamp with electronic ballast configuration DEB400D Flicker Free.

In conjunction with the projection nozzle IMAGER DP400 has a perfect optical performance.

The corners of the focus (range): 50 ° -4.5 °
The intensity of focus: 1: 20
The scale of focus: Indicates the current angle of the beam
Unit weight: 4400 grams
Lamp: DL400HRB 400W SE single-ended halogen lamp, a hot restart
Cable length: 7 meters (23 ‘)
Mounting: Universal 16mm and 28mm socket (female)
Security: Power Auto-Lock lid with closure device
Ultraviolet: The unprecedented low level of UV for this class of devices
Switch: The buttons start / stop button on the device and ballast for ease of use.

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