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Spotlight ARRI M18 1800W sometimes called “BABYMAX”, it combines the advantages of the famous ARRIMAX lensless technology and innovative design True Blue. In the end, we got a new type of HMI lamps: compact, as 1200W PAR, but with a 70% greater light output. “BABYMAX” creates a remarkably smooth and clean beam angle is adjustable from 20 to 60 °. The ease and simplicity of management ARRI M18 distinguishes this product compared to similar and HMI Fresnel fixtures.
• 4 Leaf shutter
• Frame filters
• Cable Spotlight – Ballast 15m
• Electronic ballast works in: Flicker – free and 24 fps

• Weight: 10.5 kg

• Dimensions: 69.85 x 38.73 x 38.73 cm

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