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Dollies are used in studios and on locations to provide a smooth movement of the camera while shooting. To ensure best quality of the video, a dolly must be as smooth as possible. When small amount of movement is required, transporting entire dolly systems becomes impractical. Digital Juice has addressed these issues with their Slyder Dolly.(link is external) The Slyder Dolly is a track mounted camera dolly system designed for short but extremely smooth camera movements. The secret to the Slyders smooth movement is the bearing system of the dolly and the material from which the track is made. The bearing system comprises of steel ball bearings encased in lubricating oil. The result is a perfectly vibration free motion. The rails and mounting plate of the system are made out of high grade. High strength aluminum ensures that the tracks remain perfectly straight throughout their lifetime. The material is also corrosion resistant, which means it will maintain a smooth surface for a long time. The material is also easy to clean.

Features: The dolly track has holes for 3/8 inch or 1/4 inch bolts. They can be used to attach the tracks to surfaces whether horizontal, inclined for fully vertical. Accessories like the C-Stand are also attached using the mounting holes. The main component of the fixture is the mounting plate. Using 3/8 inch and 1/4 inch bolts, cameras and accessories can be attached to the plate. A brake knob on the plate allows the user to adjust the sensitivity of the sliding plate. The sensitivity can be varied from fully free to slide to completely locked in position. At the end of the tracks are bumpers which prevent the plate from striking the ends.

Specifications of the Digital Juice Slyder Dolly: 40 inch version: – Size 40 5/16 (length) x 4 11/16 (width) x 3 (height) inches – Weight 7.0 pounds – Camera travel distance 34.5 inches – Weight capacity up to 80 pounds, 30 pounds optimum

64 inch version: – Size 64 5/16 (length) x 4 11/16 (width) x 3 (height) inches – Weight 10.2 pounds – Camera travel distance 58.5 inches – Weight capacity up to 80 pounds, 30 pounds optimum

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