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Sennheiser the EC 2000 portable receiver

The EK 2000 from Sennheiser is a battery-powered wireless receiver. It’s designed to receive wireless audio signals from the SK 2000 beltpack transmitter, the SKP 2000 plug-on transmitter, as well as being backward compatible with all Evolution, 3000, and 5000 Series wireless systems. You can scan for available frequencies with the EK 2000 and synchronize the found frequency with infrared technology to a 2000 Series transmitter.
While the EK 2000 may visually resemble the Sennheiser Evolution EK 100, closer inspection reveals that the 2000 Series offers a lot more power and versatility. The EK 2000 is a diversity system that cleverly uses the output cable of the receiver as a second antenna (diversity systems can really help you avoid drop outs and interference). A headphone output is included that enables you to monitor your signal, as well as have the EK 2000 double as an IFB or remote listening device.
Charging contacts on the sides of the EK 2000 receiver enable you to utilize the L 2015 charger and BA2015 rechargeable batteries (sold separately). The EK 2000 is a really powerful receiver for use on a video camera, in a field audio kit, or for any situation where you need to wirelessly receive audio in an ultra-compact component.
Sturdy all-metal housing
Up to 3000 frequencies in up to 75 MHz switching bandwidth
20 fixed frequency bands with up to 64 compatible presets
6 bands with up to 64 tunable channels
Frequency settings in 25 kHz steps
Adaptive diversity technology for high reliability
Features a headphone output for optimum control
Pilot tone squelch can be set in 2 dB steps for interference-free reception
Frequency scan feature searches for available reception frequencies
Cordless infrared synchronization of transmitters
User-friendly menu interface with a back-lit graphic display
HDX compander for crystal clear sound
Enhanced AF frequency response
4-stage battery status display
External charging contacts for recharging the BA2015 battery
Auto-lock feature to prevent settings from being changed accidentally

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