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Milo motion control

Presentation Milo Motion Control

MILO Motion Control is a robotic crane that controls camera motion in three planes (six degrees of freedom). Over the decades of its use, this system has proved itself in the cinema and TV production industries. Today this technology is available in Ukraine and is open to new projects. Milo motion control moves the camera with high precision along the programmed path, controlling speed and acceleration. This opens opportunities for a wide range of visual effects:

  • Change of the spatial orientation objects and background relative to each other
  • Combining of shots at different frame rates (FPS)
  • Combining of shots which recorded via direct and reverse camera motion
  • Splitting of a complex staging into simpler components
  • Combining of objects with random backgrounds
  • Using virtual camera path
  • Scaling of camera path
  • Objects cloning
  • Stop motion
  • Time lapse
  • Morphing

Most of these MoCo features can be combined to get a variety of visual effects.

In addition to controlling camera’s spatial movement, Milo also controls focus, zoom and aperture axises. Furthermore, you can synchronize it with external devices on the film set (lighting, playback, light-and-sound signals, electric drives, pyrotechnics, etc.) using the triggers box.

  • HANDWHEELS – a wheel manipulator for manual programming of camera motion
  • PAN BARS – a classic manipulator (like a manual tripod) for manual programming of camera motion (Pan, Tilt).
  • BLOOP LIGHT – a programmable light marker
  • FOCUS CONTROLLER – a controller for manual programming of focus, aperture, and zoom
  • TRIGGERS BOX – a device for synchronization of Milo with other external devices on the film set

For more detailed information see the presentation at:

Presentation Milo Motion Control

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