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Egripment Crane

Egripment Crane Scanner

The Scanner is not only a crane arm. It consists of a complete remote controlled camera system, including the Scanner Arm, the Scanner Remote controlled camera head and the Scanner Dolly. The arm is a super lightweight telescopic arm with adjustable lengths ranging from 375 cm (12.5 ft) to 525 cm (17.5 ft.) The parallel bars are positioned on the sides of the arm which improves the sleek shape of the crane. At the end of the arm you will find the Scanner Head on which you can attach most video cameras and a medium sized ENG type of lens.The camera functions such as start/stop/power/zoom and focus will be sent through the integrated sliprings in the head, to the back of the Scanner Arm, where you can operate both the crane and the camera with a single operator. By using the optionally supplied table support, you can split the camera and crane operation so that you use separate operators for the crane and remote head/camera functions. The Scanner Arm and Scanner Head are mounted on the extremely stable Scanner Dolly.

Type: remote
Arm reach: 395 – 525 cm
Operational length  : 550 – 700 cm
Maximum height: 630 cm
Minimum height: -240 cm
Maximum load: 25 kg


Type: special
Width: 75 cm
Length  : 100 cm
Height: 145 cm
Weight: 35 kg
Type of wheels: hardrubber – track – pneumatic
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