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The basis of quality professional photography – a stable image. Instability of the frame – a property that characterizes almost any amateur photography. Using a tripod of course, saves the day, and in most cases this is enough. But what happens when you want to remove the camera from the tripod and move with the subject? What is the solution? In response to the film industry has long been found – Steadicam, the inventor whose cinematographer Garrett Brown. The main advantage of the image, which gives the Steadicam, is that it is as close as possible to the familiar picture of perceiving the world each of us. Stabikam smooths out all the roughness of the filmed motion. The viewer on the screen offers a dynamic picture of this, however, he saw her in my life, without the author’s more expressive. After all, when we look at the world, we did not twitch. In our mind there is a kind of image stabilization is movement. And that vision did not seem to shoot with it. Camera crane, dolly, Steadicam – it’s how to create the most comfortable cinema is a challenge to shoot in zritelya.Suschestvuyut understated or overstated the points with stabikamom can take the camera crane or a fly. But 80% of filming stabikam used when necessary to show the point of view of a man who is in the midst of the people on the stairs, in the mountains, that is, when you need a free imitation of the camera. This usually happens in those places where it is impossible or difficult to lay the rails: in stairwells, highways, on rough terrain.

Steadi Cam Flyer Light Video for Canon 7D, Sony XD

Professional cameras are becoming smaller and smaller. Operators who have at their disposal such cameras need to be lightweight and inexpensive stabilizer, which, however, must operate as a “large” devices. Steadicam Flyer was created in response to these demands. This is the first lightweight Steadicam, equipped with a real professional hand. It works the same way as the hand of the flagship Ultra, the camera picking up a mass of 1.8 … 6.8 kg, has a range of changes in the height of 0.75 m, and the functionality of this elegant hand made by technology iso-elastic, almost no change in the Depending on the weight of the camera: motion are smooth, free, providing the ease of moving the camera up and down.

Hand Flyer stabilizer equipped with an adjustable mounting unit to the vest, as well as at more advanced Steadicam’ov. It is at NAB2004 exhibition was awarded the Association of Professional Digital Video (The Digital Video Professional Association).

The monitor, which is equipped with a Flyer, as a matter of respect: 7 “, 16×9, NTSC / PAL, has high brightness and good visibility even in bright sunlight.

Vest device can be fitted to virtually any operator, and the system is so easy that it can be worn for hours, and it is even pleasant.

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