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Even though it is equipped with a full HD shooting (1920 x 1080i) capability, a 10x optical zoom and a built-in microphone, the camera is compact, measuring only 37 x 42.5 x 86.5 mm.

The HXR-MC1P uses a 1/5-inch “Exmor” CMOS sensor, which is also used in Sony professional camcorders and high-end D-SLR cameras. This achieves low noise thanks to multiple micro A/D (analogue to digital) converters.

The image sensor in the HXR-MC1P also uses the ClearVid pixel array, which has 45-degree rotated pixels. This unique layout offers high picture quality while keeping low-light sensitivity.

Memory Stick PRO Duo offers the optimum recording media for the compact HXR-MC1P recorder. In addition, the highly efficient compression methods used in both HD and SD modes achieve long recording times, which make the most of Memory Stick PRO Duo’s storage capacity.

In HD recording mode, video is recorded in AVCHD, which uses MPEG-4 AVC/ H.264 compression – the same method used in Blu-ray Disc™.

Recording and playback are both possible via the control unit of the HXR-MC1P. You don’t need any external recorder/player.

The control unit has a 2.7-inch (16:9), 211,000-pixel LCD panel that uses ClearPhoto LCD plus, which enables you to instantly review the images captured by the camera. Furthermore, all menu settings can be accessed via this touch-screen LCD panel.

The control unit is also equipped with a recording button, zoom lever and manual control dial, which let you control the camera remotely while watching the images.

With the HXR-MC1P, it is easy to shoot in a way that is impossible with ordinary camcorders. No special equipment, such as an external monitor or remote control device, is required.

The control unit of the HXR-MC1P has connectors for both HDMI output and analogue video output. By using a commercially available HDMI/HD-SDI converter or an A/D converter, you can also make live relays or recordings using HD-SDI signals.

The HXR-MC1P can help you achieve unique and powerful images during live events, by mounting it close to the action – such as inside the goal during a football match or near the hands of a musician during a concert.

The HDMI and analogue video connector can output SD signals if the recording mode of the HXR-MC1P is set to SD.

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