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Portable Camcorder Sony HDR-FX7E family of High Definition, the first time the system is equipped with three matrices ClearVid CMOS, providing higher resolution images and better color reproduction. Camcorder HDR-FX7E extend the benefit of shooting in “full» HDV format “Full HD” with a resolution of 1080 lines for a wide range of devices. Its HDMI interface can transmit over a single cable without compression of digital audio and video formats High Definition on HD-compatible television (HD-ready) and other displays. In addition to recording in widescreen 16: 9 HDV 1080i resolution on the standard cassette MiniDV, HDR FX7E camcorder can also record and play back signals with a standard definition DV format.

Camcorder HDR FX7E Handycam 40% smaller and 25% lighter than the first generation model, HDR-FX1E. It combines superior performance with a wide range of manual controls and an exceptionally long operating time on one battery charge.


· Recording with a resolution of “Full-HDV”

· New system of three ClearVid CMOS sensor with advanced image processor

· 20x optical zoom Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T *

· 3.5 “wide LCD screen Clear Photo LCD plus

· Advanced manual functions

· Light and compact, plus 8 hours of recording time on a single charge (STAMINA technology)

three ClearVid CMOS sensor system

In the model HDR-FX7E first used the technology of three matrices ClearVid CMOS. ClearVid CMOS matrix – an innovative technology that uses a new pixel distribution to achieve higher resolution and sensitivity (4 lux minimum).

By rotating the pixels by 45 degrees in the matrix ClearVid CMOS, each pixel area is doubled while maintaining the same pixel pitch as in the conventional arrangement. . In general, the resolution of 1.12 million pixels system of three ClearVid CMOS sensor of the camcorder HDR-FX7E raises this technology to a new level, using a special prism, separating and directing the flow of light into three independent matrices: one for each of the primary colors (RGB).

The use of three separate matrices instead of one provides a reproduction of the saturated colors and accurate, improving at the same time sensitive, as the attenuation of the light between the objective and the matrix is ​​very small. Then, data on RGB primary colors, collected three matrices are applied to an advanced image processor for rich, bright and at the same time for an amazingly natural color image.

Smooth Slow Record

Using the quick processing of data provided by ClearVid CMOS sensor and advanced image processor, HDR-FX7E camera can shoot shestisekundnye “sequence” of personnel ( ‘burst’) at a rate of 200 frames per second, ie, four times the normal rate of 50 frames per second. When playing at normal speed, this mode provides 24 seconds of smooth slow-motion video with a high level of detail.

Pictures with a resolution of 1,07 Megapixel in VR mode

In the process of continuous video recording is possible to do high-quality images with a resolution of 1,07 Megapixel and record them on a Memory Stick PRO Duo removable media.

20x optical zoom and a digital magnifier Digital Extender

Camcorder HDR-FX7E equipped with 20x optical zoom lens Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T * with the zoom range of 37.4 – 748 mm (35mm equivalent). Advanced multi-layer optical coating T * minimizes unwanted glare on the lens surface, reducing flare and ghosting to provide an even sharper image quality.

Glass lens with an extremely low dispersion reduces chromatic aberration, especially at extreme positions of the zoom lens. Built-in optical stabilizer Super SteadyShot to reduce image shake even when shooting handheld at high zoom settings, the zoom lens.

In addition to the wide range of the focal length of the optical zoom, digital magnifier (Digital Extender) further increases the recorded video by approximately 1.5 times. Available in any position of the zoom lens, digital magnifier extends the effective operating range of up to 30x zoom.

Two independent neutral filter included with a Camcorder (ND 1/4 or 1/16) for regulating the amount of entering the lens of light, for example, when shooting in bright sunlight.

Advanced manual functions

In addition to superior image quality in HD, HDR-FX7E video camera provides a convenient manual control of zoom lens, focus, shutter speed, white balance, gain and other parameters to provide the user with more diverse opportunities for creativity.

Independent manual zoom lens and manual focus ring

Independent zoom lens control ring and focus provide a high degree of manual control, allowing you to use “professional” recording techniques, such as rapid transition from foreground object to the background object with slow focus.

Acceleration AF

You can manually adjust the focus in the AF mode to smoothly and accurately bring into focus even when auto focus is not fast avtofokusirovatsya itself.

The three-position rotary switch exposure

Conveniently located just behind the zoom lens control ring, turning the exposure switch now has additional settings “Aperture”, “Exposure” and “Shifting the AE”.

8 hours of continuous recording

Camcorder HDR-FX7E STAMINA continuous series is equipped with a rechargeable battery InfoLITHIUM L (NP F970), which increases the continuous recording time of up to 8 hours (HDV format).

3.5-inch LCD screen Clear Photo LCD plus a high-resolution 211K pixels

3.5-inch LCD screen technology uses Clear Photo LCD plus, and is ideal for precise composition and playback in HD frames. This screen color range which is 1.6 times wider than previous hybrid LCD display provides excellent contrast, deep blacks and accurate color reproduction. Widescreen display can be rotated for easy viewing images when shooting from any angle. To accurately test the layout shot, sharpness and color is available 0.54 “color viewfinder 16: 9 format with a resolution of 252,000 pixels, providing high image clarity. The viewfinder and an LCD screen can include both simultaneously and independently of each other.

Changing scenes during shooting

You can use a wide range of creative effects that are created by smooth automatically changing the shooting settings. It offers a choice of any two parameters from the following list: focus (sharpness), zoom, iris, gain, shutter speed and white balance.

image Viewing

The user can generate and provide a name of up to six individual image profiles (including the installation of color depth, sharpness and other video parameters).

Dimensions: 322 x 156 x 145 mm

Weight: 1.4 kg

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