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Tripod + Head Libec TH-950DV easy


Professional videoshtativ aluminum. It provides optimum possibilities for the user of any level. Designed for camcorders weighing up to 4 kg.

Tripod head mount carried by the hemisphere 75 mm. The head counterbalance system is implemented with a three-stage configuration (depending on the location of the center of gravity of the load is used), and the possibility of its complete failure.

camera mounted using quick release plate with fuse and convenient fixing. To simplify the positioning of the system on the head there is a bubble level.

Two of the three sections Libec TH-950DV constructed from double aluminum pipes. Section locked with the help of powerful and secure latches. The horizontal braces system, located at the level of the second section, making the system even more rigid and stable.

The feet have ferrules and swivel rubber platforms to ensure stability on any type of surface.
Features Libec TH-950DV:

Maximum load: 4 kg
Weight: 3.7 kg
Minimum working height: 75 cm
Maximum working height: 155 cm
Number of Units: 3
Material: Aluminum

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