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Thanks to the excellent quality of the resulting video, this camera was the first who began to use for shooting a low-budget films and television series.Due to the large size of the matrix, greatly exceeding the size matrix format “Super 35”, used in most digital cameras, Canon EOS 5D Mark II became their low-budget alternative. The longer focal length lenses provide character image similar to a professional movie-taking lens, and unattainable in video cameras with a small matrix.Canon EOS 5D Mark II is equipped with a 21.1-megapixel CMOS-matrix with the physical size of 24 x 36 mm. In this 5D Mark II supports recording with Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels at 30 frames per second, while the model from Nikon – only 1280 x 720 pixels. Maximum clip length – 30 minutes. The camera supports continuous shooting at a rate of 3.9 frames per second at full resolution in JPEG indefinitely (until the card is full) or 14 RAW images in one sitting while using memory cards UDMA CF. The camera has a much better LCD display: its size is 3 inches compared to 2.5 in the previous model and has four times more resolution, equal to 920 thousand. Pixels. Maximum ISO sensitivity can reach 25,600.



 -fotosensor with the physical dimensions of 36 24 mm;

matrix with 22.1 megapixel resolution;

-Processor Digic IV;

-The ability to manually adjust autofocus lenses for 20;

-The ability to expand the ISO sensitivity up to 25,600 units;

3-inch screen with 920,000 pixels;

-The ability to use the screen as a viewfinder («LiveView»);

-The ability to record video;

-vidoiskatel with 98% frame coverage;

-Increase the frame rate and size of the series;

Protection against adverse environmental impact;

-Shooting video FullHD (1920 ? 1080), Standart (640? 480).

-weight 810 g (body)


Canon EF 24-70 ìì f/2.8 L USM

Canon EF 16-35 f/2.8 L USÌ   

Canon EF 70-200 ìì f/2.8 L USM

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