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1-1-768x512 (1)

ARRI ALEXA is versatile, lightweight and compact digital camera ARRI format Super 35mm. The camera is designed for projects at various levels – commercials, music videos, TV serials, full meter.
ALEXA has PL-type optics mount for standard 35mm cinema lenses. The camera is fully integrated with existing professional cinema accessories. The camera uses a 35-mm CMOS-sensor ALEV III 3168h1782 resolution, aspect ratio of 16: 9. Electronic shooter has adjustment in the range of 5.0 ° – 359.0 °. The electronic viewfinder is based on the F-LCOS-microdisplay with temperature stabilization and auto-calibration, resolution 1280×768. The optical elements are made of high quality glass, mechanical components and body of the viewfinder  are reliable and durable. Viewfinder displays an image with a high color accuracy, and as an optical viewfinder has a function Overscan, that allowing to see the frame of larger area than fixed on a carrier. This avoids errors and inaccuracies when shooting. The size of the image in the viewfinder Alexa is the same as in the camera viewfinder Arriflex 235. The viewfinder is mounted on the side like a normal manual recording, or rear for greater convenience when working with helmsman head. Uncompressed HD and ARRIRAW data output via HD-SDI (single / dual link, standard connectors BNC) for recording on an external recorder. The output signal is guaranteed the highest quality and full band since it is not subject to pre-filtration and limiting the spectrum. Convenience and operational advantage of Alexa camera is that it can be used as a camcorder. Optional built-recording system SxS card makes the material immediately available for installation with built-in codec Apple ProRes.

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