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Lens Controls

DJI Focus

The DJI Focus uses DJI’s expertise in brushless motors for previously unheard of levels of precision and accuracy. The brushless motor puts just ±0.02° of accuracy in your hands so that turning the remote is just like turning the lens itself. It also features high torque and a fast reaction speed so you can keep your subject in focus no matter how it moves.

Operating frequency: 2.415 ~ 2.473 GHz

Range: 100 meters (in open areas and outdoor)
Power: 14 dBm
Operating temperature range: -20 ° ~ 55 ℃

Weight: 170 g
Dimensions: 90 x 50 x 26 mm
Torque: 0.35 Nm
Speed 192 rev / min
Working current: static: 80 mA at 12 V; on the locked rotor: 2 A at 12 V
Voltage: 9 ~ 16
Noise The inner diameter of the clamp mount: 19 mm or 15 mm
Gear: Teeth: 40, Unit: 0.8
Remote Control

Weight: 745 grams
Dimensions: 153 x 86 x 90 mm

Model: FB01-554461
Type: LiPo
Capacity: 1700 mAh 6.29 watts / hour
Voltage: 3.7 V
Lens Gear Ring

Teeth: 105
Module: 0.8
Diameter: 60 mm, 70 mm, 80 mm, 90 mm

Hocus Focus


HOFO1 – radio focus single channel for controlling the lens on the DSLR-cameras and video cameras (does not work with  because the gear is rotated only 180 degrees). Supplied in a carrying case, ready for use complete with remote control, receiver, motor, power cable / control cog 0.8 Gear. focus control is powered by a 9V battery, has a reversing switch “forward / reverse”, the operating frequency of the switch (10 frequencies), the calibration button Motor rotation range. The receiver has a platform for the battery (type Sony NP Z1, NP570), as well as the XLR-4 connector for professional 12V power sources.

HOFO1 – technical parameters of the system:
panel dimensions, see: 16.5h9.0h9.5
Remote weight, gr .: 650
Remote power supply: 9V battery powered
while the panel without changing the supply: 10:00

Receiver dimensions, see: 13.0h6.5h5.1
Receiver weight 290 g .:
Receiver power supply, 12V max .:

Operating frequency: 433-434 MHz
distance – 100m (room), 200m (in the field)
10 subcarriers (switch on the remote control and receiver)

HOFO1 – Package:
– Remote control with built-in transmitter
– receiver
– motor
– Gear 0.8
– Cable “Receiver-motor”, Lemo (12V, 0.6m)
– Transport case

HOFO1 – options:
mount the receiver on the guide LWS-15 – RX15
motor mount on the rail 19 mm – 19MM
markerovochnoe ring-scale for remote control – RING1
0.5 gear to gear videoobektivov Angenieux and Canon – GEAR5
0.6 gear to gear videoobektivov Fujinon – GEAR6
cable “Receiver-motor”, 1.0m – CAB100
cable “Receiver-motor”, 0.3m – CAB30

Receiver power cable:
power cable XLR-4 / D-tap – PT-XLR (Pro-X)


Cavision RFF-15B F/Focus



Gear arm adjustable distance: 50mm

Construction: aluminum

Dial index adjustment: 360°

Dial outside diameter: 90mm

Fit rail diameter.:15mm

Fit rail distance (center to center):60mm

Dimensions: 188(L) x 93(H) x 105(W)

Fit lens gear: Film / Fujinon / Canon

Weight: 576g

Chrosziel AC-204-01 Studio Rig Cine Follow Focus System



Double-sided Connection for Handwheel

Includes Scale & Focus Lever

Fluid Damping Unit / Bearings

Smooth & Precise Focus Movement

Focus Ring Adjustment

Easily Mountable Gear Unit

Second Handwheel (Optional)

Chrosziel Follow Focus 201-01


Provides smooth and precise focus moves due to fluid damping module and gear units and bearings with the lowest tolerances: The unit allows play and friction-free focus moves even for permanent direction changes.

Follow Focus (FF-V2)






15mm Rod Quick Release Clamp
Integrated A/B Hard Stops
0.8 Pitch Gear
Reversible Gear Function
Copper Gear and Precision Bearing
Removable Marking Disc
ARRI Standard Accessory Port

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