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Chrosziel 450-HDVKIT        4×4    2xfilters


The standard equipment of the 4″ x 4″ production matte box MB-16 includes a 2x filter stage for two rotatable 4″ x 4″ push-through filters. One of the filter frames is toothed for operation by turning knob or flexible shaft. At the rear of the filter stage there is a receptacle for 4 1/2″ filter rings and for an anti-reflection ring. The 2x filter stage can be interchanged against other filter stages. For easy lens changing the matte box swings open 90°.

Chrosziel 450R2-AF1KIT 4X4/4×5.6 2 filters


Chrosziel 601-01 6 x 6 4x filters


The Chrosziel 601-01 6.6×6.6 HD Mattebox for S16 focal lengths as wide as 6mm, S35 10mm, Standard Definition 4:3 3.9mm and High Definition 16:9 4.3mm; consists of:


  • Special housing for format 16:9
  • French flag •Side wings
  • Swing-away bracket for mounting on 19mm (601-01) or 15mm (601-02) bridge plate rods
  • Set of masks 4.8 to 48mm, 4 units
  • Quick-lock device for different configuration of filterstages
  • 1st filter compartment for 1 filter holder (non rotating)
  • 2nd filter compartment for 1 filter holder (geared & rotating)
  • 3rd filter compartment for 2 filterholders (one geared, both rotating)
  • Flexible shaft for geared filter holder
  • 4 filterholders 6.6×6.6
  • Rear plate with insert diameter 142.5mm for use of different retaining rings
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